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All the students should strictly follow the general rules govern by the college management. These rules may change at any time by the college management for the betterment of students.

  1. The students once admitted will not be allowed to discontinue their course without the prior permission from the Director of Technical Education Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.
  2. The student will show utmost punctuality in the classes. A Roll call is taken in each class or in morning assembly, if the total attendance of a student goes less then 80% he/she will not be allowed to sit in the final examination.(AITT).
  3. The parents of those students who are habitually latecomers and are irregular in their attendance will be informed.
  4. The students securing less then 60% marks in Practical and 40% in theory sessional work are not liable to be sent for Final Trade Test.
  5. Fees is payable in advance. Fees and other charges once paid by the candidate is neither refundable nor transferable in full or part on any account whatsoever.
  6. Cheques are not accepted. Only Cash or Bank Draft made in favour of Managing Director JPITI LOHARI Hamirpur payable at Hamirpur will be accepted.
  7. Discipline of the institute is to be strictly observed. For break of discipline a student may be fined or expelled from the institute. Decision of the Principal in this regard will be final. No refund of fees will be allowed.
  8. Any harsh or insulting language used in the office or written in the letter may affect the admission of the student.
  9. Student must check his/her eligibility while taking admission to particular trade.
  10. If a student fails to take examinations for one or the other reason, JPITI shall not entertain any claim for the refund of fees.
  11. In all matters the decision of the Principal will be final.
  12. The mode of payment of fees and other charges is strictly applied. If any instalment is not paid in time, the name of student will be struck off.
  13. Students are strictly forbidden to possess within any part of the Institute are:
    • The possession or use of alcoholic beverages.
    • The possession or use of firearms or any lethal weapons.
    • The possession or use of addictive or hallucinogenic (mind bending) drugs.
    • The possession of such books/ journals of excites bases.
  14. Leave application may be recommended through the Trade incharge. The Parents/ Gardian should sign application.
  15. House examination/test will be compulsory.
  16. Students, whose progress and conduct are not considered satisfactory will not be allowed to appear in the exams.
  17. Students will not be allowed to entertain their parents/Guardian/ Relatives/Friends during the study hours.
  18. Students will not take part in any political activity of any kind during the course of his studies at the institute.
  19. All the students shall comply with institution rules and regulations.
  20. Students are not allowed to paste notices within the institution and are forbidden to address to any outside authority directly. Any student infringing this rule will be suspended.
  21. The institute does not hold itself responsible for debts incurred by the students.
  22. Students must pay for all damages caused by them to books or other institution’s property.
  23. It will be the duty of every student to complete all the documents certificates, payments demanded by the institute within the prescribed period.
  24. Every student will observe the Timings and Timetable prescribed by the institute.
  25. The students will have to deposit all field-training charges if imposed by the JPITI.
  26. Hamirpur Courts alone have jurisdiction in all matters.